Project Amelia: Museum of Failures –

Daragh Byrne Associate Teaching Professor
School of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University. Courtesy appointment in the School of Design.

Project Amelia: Museum of Failures

Image Credit: Handerson Gomes

Dates 2019 - 2019


Students in Spring 2019's Responsive Mobile Environments created the Museum of Failures as part of Bricolage Production's Project Amelia. These critical prototypes imagined abandoned smart home products from a fictitious technology giant.

Project Amelia is a next-level immersive theater experience that invites audiences to the R&D lab of Aura, one of the world’s most innovative tech giants, to participate in the launch of a groundbreaking intelligence product like no other.

Project Amelia is written and conceived by Michael Skirpan, and created by Bricolage Production Company in Partnership with Probable Models.

The Museum of Failures was generated by students in Responsive Mobile Environments and featured in the show. As part of the final project, our class was tasked with designing a series of speculative technologies that embed and voice potential issues of privacy, ethics, responsibility and impact of IoT products. These critical prototypes formed the ‘Museum of Failures’ a tour of abandoned products from Aura, an imaginary tech giant and were designed to draw audiences into dialog with plausible technologies that render consequences and issues of connected devices and AI.