A little about me...

I am Intel Special Faculty for Physical Computing, Responsive Environments and Emerging Media within the IDeATe Network and at School of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University. My recent work includes the XSEAD project and MakeSchools.org My research explores experiential media systems with a focus in three primary areas: experience capture, composition and reuse; interactivity in media arts; and participatory communities. My research engages human centered, process oriented, & interdisciplinary perspectives to understand complex multimedia systems in applied contexts of use.

Active Research

Experience Capture, Composition & Reuse

How do we capture + represent personal experience through media collections and computational tools? How can these long-term personal archives, e.g. lifelogs and social media, enable new insights and understanding of personal, societal or global significance?

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Participatory Communities, Curation & Coordination

How can understanding of complex heterogeneous communities be gathered through community contribution and action? What are the strategies for digital curation and coordination that help identify shared value and meaning for diverse interdisciplinary communities?

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Interactivity in Media Arts Applications

What is the nature and contribution of computational interactivity in already richly interactive spaces such as in media arts performance? How do media-arts perspectives on the development of interactive works enrich human-centered computing exploration?

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Featured Projects

Selected Publications

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Byrne D., Kelly L., Jones G. Multiple Multimodal Mobile Devices: Lessons Learned from Engineering Lifelog Solutions. Handbook of Research on Mobile Software Engineering: Design, Implementation and Emergent Applications.

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Byrne D, Doherty A., Snoek C.G.M, Jones G.F., Smeaton A.F. Everyday Concept Detection in Visual Lifelogs: Validation, Relationships and Trends. Multimedia Tools and Applications, Special Issue on Semantic and Digital Media Technologies. Volume 49, Number 1, pp. 119-144. Link