Working with Dr. Aisling Kelliher, we identified opportunity to develop new capture and presentation tools suited to recording process within situated and shared events. This documentation framework was inspired by the lifelogging vision and deployed within the context of the Emerge event at ASU in March 2012. This novel and highly dynamic event precipitated the need for novel documentation approaches. Our conversational framework was developed by co-opting techniques from Bill Gaver’s cultural probes, social networking strategies, and participatory documentation methodologies. This framework mixed elements of traditional recording apparatus (videography, photography and audio recorders), social media contribution, and novel capture technologies (wearable passive capture, time-lapse video, self-documentation, and experience capture installations) to more fully describe the event. This mixed initiate approach to the documentation of shared experienced crafted a highly detailed record and afforded a unique lens on the events, workshops and experiences felt by attendees. This is an active research area which has lead to the development of an online participatory community for the dissemination and continued discourse around this coordinated account of event content.