Participatory Communities, Curation & Coordination

Participatory Communities, Curation & Coordination

How can understanding of complex heterogeneous communities be gathered through community contribution and action? What are the strategies for digital curation and coordination that help identify shared value and meaning for diverse interdisciplinary communities?

XSEAD is an online platform supporting networks of creativity and innovation across science, engineering, art and design. The platform combines key characteristics of social media networking applications to help incentivize participation, strengthen engagement and support dynamic community organization. Research centers on community understanding and growth, models for digital participatory curation, and multimodal representation of interdisciplinary process and outcome.

This online community-driven platform enables the dissemination and discussion of process-centered representations of futurist methods in action. The goal is to provide a shared repository of content, with novel annotation and curation mechanisms to support the needs of diverse researchers, practitioners, educators and the general public in considering the future. Research explores the representation of process and the development of automatic event-centered algorithmic approaches; the utility of process-centered multimedia to the design fiction community; and the continuation of event-centered discourse through online forums.

Taskville is an engaging, interactive workplace game mediated by social media, where participants play the game by completing both work and personal related tasks using a city building metaphor; completed tasks are rendered as new buildings in the graphical environment. During 2012-2013 completed longitudinal evaluations of this tools utility in work place coordination and awareness.

The role of trust is critical in establishing collaborative relationships in the volunteer community. We have been exploring trust and the use of social networking applications through a series of a series of interviews with organizations and volunteers. This work will yield design recommendations for creating collaborative, social tools for the volunteer community towards the implementation of an online community tool.