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SenseCam Flow Visualisation of SenseCam data

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My first project involving the SenseCam was an exploration of how to present SenseCam images. In this visualisation, we aplied a river metaphor, which displays temporal data as a 'river' with the time axis aligned with the flow, for the animation. The displayed events are determined by a timeline, with each point on the timeline representing a day in the user' photoset. Users can adjust the timeline's playhead manually or allow the visualisation to automatically play through each day sequentially. As the timeline moves to a new day, its most interesting events begin to flow across the screen, with a single keyframe representing each event on screen.

The on-screen movements and appearance of each event are determined by its relative interestingness (or uniqueness), duration, and time of the day at which it occurred. Temporal relationships between the events are also maintained, so, events, which occur earlier in the day, will move into view ahead of the later events. The size and opacity of the keyframe image correspond to how interesting it is. Very interesting events are presented as large and solid items on screen, while, conversely, less interesting events are small and faded, drawing less visual attention. The rate at which the event moves is also an indicator of its interestingness: more interesting events move slower, giving the user more opportunity to attend to them. After the event has moved into focus, it will briefly pause on screen, the length of which is related to its duration.

The visualisation also allows for deeper exploration of the event by two means. If a user is particularly interested in a specific event, they can select it by moving the mouse over it, which causes it to stop moving, and become highlighted and enlarged. When selected, the event will play back a 'montage' video (a sequential, rapid play-back of the event's images.) This provides the user with more cues to what occurred during that event, enabling them to rapidly determine if the event is indeed of interest. To explore the event further, the user can click on it to reveal a pop-up window. This allows a user can review basic information on the event as well the individual images recorded by the SenseCam.