Orison is about lifelogs and lifelogging is all about recording your life digitally. You do this from the photos you take, the content you produce online or on your desktop or the things your doing on your mobile. Orison lets you bring all this information together, and once in harmony, you can start to tell stories about your life

Orison, was developed with Adobe AIR and is a complete cross-platform desktop application. The system was fully implemented having all of the expected behaviors and functionality of a media-editing tool from single click installation, to export and import of completed works.

User Manual

A user manual for Orison is available online here


To work with Orison you need an avaiable database and link to the content. Two databases are available for use within this evaluation and can be downloaded from the links below.

  • Short Collection - Not Yet Available

  • Long Collection - Not Yet Available


The process for installing orison is now outlined

  1. Step 1

    Install Adobe AIR 2.0. Once downloaded double click the installer and follow the instructions. When AIR has been successfully installed move to Step 2 below...

  2. Step 2

    Install Orison from the installer page.

  3. Step 3

    Follow the installer instructions until Orison launches.

  4. Step 4

    Once installed, Orison will have automatically loaded. Close it!

  5. Step 5

    Download the appropriate database from above

  6. Step 6

    Copy the Database to the Orison folder.
    - On MacOSX: Go To 'UserName/Document/orison'
    - On Windows: Go To 'My Documents/orison'

  7. Step 7

    Launch Orison.

  8. Step 8

    Login with a user name and password.
    Note: A helpful hint is to have a look in the users panel and see what users are currently listed.
    If it is 'Default User', the user name is "defaultuser" and the password is "password"

  9. Step 9

    Once logged in, click the 'Settings' option in the menu. A screen like the below will appear

  10. Step 10

    Under 'Lifelog Access And Storage' Modify the settings as follows:
    - Set the local database to the one you just downloaded. Click Browse button and locate it.
    - Set it to 'Remote Access'
    - Paste Access URL you have been provided into the View Path.
    - Click 'Apply Changes'

  11. Step 11

    Close Orison and reopen.
    Note: You will need to use the username and password you have been provided to login now.


The AIR installer can be found at the installation page