iBingo Collaborative Video Search for Mobile Devices

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The iBingo Collaborative video search tool enables multiple users to come together and search. Each user accesses a simple and convenient user interface via their Apple iPhone or iPod Touch which connects to the video search system. The user interface can be seen below.

The search system uses the TRECVID 2007 video corpus and the search engine handles the 'division of labour'. This coordinates the search results amongst the users, ensuring that their search effort is maximised and minismese the overlapping effort normally seen in collaborative search tasks.

Search is initiated via a desktop user interface (see below), after which the search is controlled solely via the users' mobile device. The control interface allows the users to see the current state of search including, the overall progress of the search and time remaining; the results being viewed by each searcher, the shots found to be relevant so far.

On the mobile device, the user's simply see a set of results that need to be judged for relevance - typically 10 items are displayed at a time. Relevance judgments on shots are made independently by each member of the search group and as judgments are made, the collaborative module intelligently reformulates and re-ranks video shots.