Digital Organ

A musical instrument crowd controlled through whole-body interaction

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During Emerge 2012 at ASU, the closing show, Immerge, featured several interactive installations which explore the carnival of the future. Developed collaboratively by faculty and students within the School of Arts, Media & Engineering, The Design School and the School Of Art, the hybrid installations cleverly combined sculpture, industrial design, media art and computation to provide technology-driven plays on familiar carnival attractions.

This installation re-imagines carnival music - an iconic element of carnivals, the circus and fun-fairs. Spectators are invited to step onto platforms, each of which allows them to control the space in front of them. The installation itself - a large 16 foot x 12 foot high back projected surface - simultaneously creates a sense of grandeur and immersion. The structure before them creates a space larger than the one provided with the the projections providing a sense of hidden depth.

Each platform senses movement, pose and posture and this activates, controls and manipulates the sounds produced by the installation. The projections give real-time feedback on how their actions translate into the sound allowing them to see and learn how to control the space itself. The playful interactions allow the participants to work in concert to craft harmonious tones and fill the environment around and beyond the installation.


  • Daragh Byrne
  • Blakely McConnell
  • Bach Nguyen
  • Tatyana Toziupa
  • Moheeb Zara
  • Robert Zokaites